Coffee with the Director, September 2017

Happy Senior Citizens Day!!! What a day it was on Monday. We served 150 hot dog lunches. We loved it. I can hardly believe summer is over. Why? I am not ready for Fall. But we will be ready. Let’s start with going to the Santa Barbara Zoo on September 14th. We will pick up food at Woody’s and have a buffet lunch on the green. You can look at the animals or just enjoy the lovely view of the ocean. How blessed we are. I will be attending the National Meals on Wheels Conference next week in Colorado. I am excited to get new ideas on how we can better serve you. If there is a new program or class you would like to see at the Center could please let us know. This is your center and we want to bring you in and make you happy.

We have a new television in the dining room. We enjoyed watching  the eclipse together. Maybe we can watch games, or any other special event that comes on. No, Jim, we are not going to watch the Food Network 24/7 lol.

Once again, we want to thank you for allowing us to be your staff.

Here is a promise to you:

We will serve you with excellence, humbly, and with a Servant’s Heart. I hope we live up to this.



Pam Gnekow, Director




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