Loan Closet

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The Senior Center Loan Closet is a free resource where seniors can borrow basic medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes and bathroom safety items.


Your tax deductible donations are appreciated and will ensure the Loan Closet is available to help the next family in need.

Medical Services

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We provide patient referrals, flu shots, and blood pressure clinics as well as transportation to doctor appointments.


Resources & Referrals

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REFERRALS: We refer seniors to local professionals for medical, health and mental welfare.

HOUSING: We assist with home repairs for seniors living in mobile homes as well as helping seniors locate housing opportunities.

SPIRITUAL: We also connect homebound seniors with religious leaders to meet their needs.

Moving Miss Daisy

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Glenn specializes in providing downsizing, moving, and relocation services for the senior community. As your advocates, we can show you how each stage can be with grace, diginity, and care. With our initial consultation, we will discuss your needs, wants, and priorities.

Coordinating with you and your family, we will manage all aspects of your downsize process including; organizing, cleaning, documenting, valuations, sales, packing, relocation, floor plans, shipping, moving, and other estate distributions. Whether your need is large or small, we can help you.